1050 Trowbridge Rd, East Lansing, MI
(517) 351-2280 | Open Weekdays 11 AM-9 PM, Sat/Sun 11 AM-8 PM

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Our Menu


Ala Carte

Our wide selection of traditional Mediterranean pastries and side dishes in a variety of sizes.



Combo Plate

Meal combos including Chicken, Beef, Vegetarian and Vegan. Each combo includes an entree your choice of salad and hummus.



Daily Specials

We have a delicious range of specials every day of the week! Check here or call us to see what special we have cookin’ up today.



Dessert and Beverages

Top off your meal with a flaky pastry and some authentic Turkish coffee or tea or a healthy smoothie.




The best hummus in the entire State of Michigan. Available in a variety of flavors and sizes. Take some home today.



Meat Sandwiches

Check out our large variety of meat sandwiches wrapped up in our delicious homemade soft pita bread.



Soups and Salads

Great for a light lunch or side dish we have an array of fresh salads and soups cooked from scratch.



Vegetarian Sandwiches

A large selection of strictly vegetarian and vegan sandwiches wrapped up in Woody’s own soft pita bread.




Woody’s Oasis offers full-scale catering services for large and small parties. Inquire about our Kosher certified catering.



Middle Eastern Restaurant in East Lansing, Michigan

Woody's Oasis has been in East Lansing for over 35 years and we have watched as our customers grow, go off to college, and come back to visit! We are proud to have maintained excellent service for every year that we have been open. Our authentic recipes are made from scratch on a daily basis by trained cooks who have been in our kitchen since we opened. We pride ourselves on our customer service, fresh food, and fast service!

Woody's Oasis on Trowbridge has been in business in East Lansing since 1984. Being family-owned and operated gives Woodys that authentic taste that feels like home!

Woody's Oasis is known for its wide variety of food that can suit any taste or diet. We have been voted the Best of the Best for Food & Drink year after year, especially in the Vegetarian category and Middle Eastern category. We have a delicious range of specials every day of the week! Visit us to find out. Call to order take-out 517-351-2280.